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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Salam & a very good day to all's quite a long journey to come out with this entry...miss this blog so much...i'm very sure gafimmers always there to support my bro Akim for his upcoming album...i've already listened to a few song for the album...what can i say is WOW,really showed maturity of Akim and i can feel the soul that varied with different voice character of each songs...whether i'm related in blood with him,i'll pay myself to get his album...keep it up bro...we're proud of you...


  1. last after MENUNGGU.. he will come up with his 1st baby ever.. Insyallah.. I believe with his talent.. Daya Cinta.. definitely will hit n personally I really like his MENUNGGU.. seriously..can't wait for this.. His first album ever...Must be the best from him..

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  3. Bro Afham...aku baru follow blog ko nih...dan aku akan terus follow blog nih...harap suatu hari nanti dapat kongsi satu pentas ngan akim...coz aku nampak potensi dan warna muzik dia...korang dah x duduk kat JJ lagi ker? kalo duduk JJ dekat jer area rumah aku...