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Monday, April 5, 2010

congratez to all ABPH winners....

salam n holla to gafimmers...wah,macam2 cite da revealed,but this blog still tak update...sowi coz i'm really in hot n spicy time zone...i'll try to catch up the past...first of all,Al fatihah untuk arwah Mior Ahmad Fuad Mior Badri (Din beramboi) dan Siti Suriane Julkarim (Yanie mentor).Semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat..Amin..
congratez to all ABPH winners...special dedication to all gafimmers coz located akim among ABPH's a massive honour from fanz to akim...award is not everything...but music is addition,music is about passion...ur task absolutely to entertain us with all effort and honest so that u can be remembered as a trendsetter of ur own music style...we always there for u,the big gafim family...
what so ever,we all still waiting patiently for his brand new song after "Inilah Cinta"...dengar cerita that song still dalam pembikinan demo...never heard that demo yet but absolutely an original sound of akim...need to hear the soul of akim sooner...

It takes a crane to build a crane
It takes two floors to make a stories
It take some silence to make a sound
and it take a lost before you found it
and it takes a road to go nowhere


  1. takpe. tahun depan cuba lagi... yg penting keep producing good songs.

  2. YUP!that's rite :)
    to be trendsetter ;)
    then baru boleh be remembered..
    P/s:GUDluck akim!we'll always support u :x

    **From:Alia92 :)**

  3. you got a very beautiful voice ... please use it wisely ... choose a song that really compliment your voice ... we all luv AKIM very much ..

  4. it's ok... jauh lagi perjalanan akim. yang penting akim terus berusaha gigih + hasilkan muzik sepertimana yang diinginkan + improve nyanyian dan persembahan each time dari masa ke semasa...

    the award isn't everything. suatu masa nanti, bila akim dah berada di tahap yang spatutnya, semuanya akan flow secara sndrinya.. insyaAllah...

    even aizat pn baru tercalon tahun ni lepas 2 tahun grad dari AF, dan akim yang baru grad dah tercalon. we should be proud! :) alhamdulillah...

  5. Akim tetap menang dihati peminat dia..cuba lagi tahun depan...apapun malam persembahan akim memang mantap....usaha lagi.....

  6. along lagu inilah cinta da masuk carta hotfm la..

  7. it's all about his passion to be in the day he will success in wht he shuld be..with his talent n aura..he deserved to be in the industry..we will alwiz support him..insyallah one's still a long journey..hope akim will survive n be a better singer/ composer as wht he has proved to the malaysian..keep it up, bro..

  8. pergh! mlm tuh giler2 myrul doa kn abg akim menang..hehhe, its year bleh jmpe..

  9. akim not win any awards but he already win our HEART with his SONG ..that's priceless n we appreciate it.....THANK U SO MUCH AKIM...anyway keep ur feet on the ground n always move ahead n don't look back...good luck to u MR CAPRICORN..

  10. Yang penting akim still in the dah nampak bakat akim..akim ada talent..asah bakat tu elok-elok..doa utk akim dari kami semua..peminat klip inilah sgt2..teringat zaman muda2 i..alahai..

  11. it's year try lg...maybe dpt...insyallah...dhyllah sentiasa doakan abg akim..GOOD LUCK...